Ralf Bücheler, born in 1975, grew up in rural Bavaria and studied social anthropology and literature in Munich and Swansea. Subsequently he attended Munich Film Academy and graduated in documentary direction. He lives in Munich and makes documentary films for cinema and tv as well as radio programmes. Bücheler’s interests are controversial social issues and people who do something passionately. He observes both as intimately as possible in the style of Direct Cinema.




Selected works:

2023 – In Wolf Country – documentary – 102 Min. – The return of the Wolves to Germany (in production) – if/3SAT/Mindjazz
International premiere on 12th of November @ IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Synopsis: 100 years after their extinction, wolves are returning to Germany, to an industrial country full of people. We let them, because we realize that we will perish if we continue to behave like autocrats. The wolves’ reclamation of the land challenges us – administration, science, agriculture: researchers, shepherds, administrators, politicians, conservationists, and many others have to work in an atmosphere of polarizing and polemic debates about wolves. Yet the animals are merely roommates, not raiders. A cinematic tale from a world many have strong opinions about, but few really know: The world of wolves in Germany.

2021 – Il Ritorno In Patria – radio play based on a story by WG Sebald – 50 Min. – SRF/ORF (with Johannes Mayr)

2020 – How Fred Escaped Death – tv doc – 43 Min. – BR (with Johannes Rosenstein)

2020 – Offspring Behind Bars – radio documentary – 50 Min. – BR (with Frank Wierke)

2018 – Parents’ School – documentary – 117 Min. – if/SWR (with Jörg Adolph) – German Film Award 2019 (nominated)

2016 – Life – Instruction Manual – 90 Min. – megaherz/SWR/BR – (with Jörg Adolph)

2015 – Mission Control Texas – documentary – 85 Min. – HFFMUC/if/3SAT – Documentary Talent Award DOKFest Munich

2009 – Tropic of Sheep – documentary – 72 Min. – HFFMUC/BR/FR/Telepool – Telepool Script Award 2007